Missy Durant for City Council

I’m so happy to announce my good friend, and client, Missy Durant is running for City Council – Ward 13! This also happens to be MY ward so I look forward to casting my vote for her this November! Missy and I go back to my days at Best Buy, but we began working together in 2011 with the design and launch of Missy’s first book, What Matters … Gratitude. I had the honor of working with Missy on the branding, book design and web design for What Matters.

Earlier this spring, Missy asked me to assist on her campaign for city council and I am so excited to be on her team! Missy is one of the most thoughtful, genuine people I know. She is a wonderful friend, mother, partner and leader in the community. I know she’ll work so hard for our neighborhood!

Here’s a look at the website and materials I designed for Missy’s campaign. Todd Piper-Hauswirth provided the logo that you’ll see here. 


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