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We have a Canadian Consulate in Minnesota! And, as you’d guess, they’re the nicest group of people. They were looking to create some new promotional materials and banners that would really stand out. For decades the standard look has been stock photography of a US and Canadian flag flying high on blue skies. It’s certainly recognizable, but we wanted to create a graphic that would tie together the relationship the midwest consulate has with their five states (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska & Iowa). Did you know the largest importer of goods from all five states is Canada?



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If the Shoe Fits …

I had the pleasure of designing a new logo for my friend, Jessie Benson, the fashion and running guru at The Right Fits.  He husband took the photos and we developed a strong visual package for her blogging and social media strategy!  

Saint Paul Stories

If you're a public radio geek like me, you're likely familiar with This American Life and The Moth; some of the best programming you'll find. You'll laugh, you'll cry - each story is so personal and intimate. We have our own organization right here in St. Paul that...

What would you say, you DO here?

When Jamie asked me to create a logo for his new Change Management consulting business I immediately thought of "the Bobs". Jamie insists that's not not him, but's a great bit none the less. Chameleon Consulting Group helps businesses and organizations of all types...

Life’s a Disco Ball!

"When it came time to develop branding and start the redesign of my site, Emily and Lift Creative came highly recommended. This type of project can be overwhelming, but Emily has a real talent for providing clarity around your thoughts and ideas. She has the ability...

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